Paroles Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)

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Late at night in summer heat, expensive car, empty street
There's a wire in my jacket, this is my trade
It only takes a moment, don't be afraid
I can hot wire an ignition like some kind of star
I'm just a poor boy in a rich man's car
So I whisper to the engine, flick on the lights
And we drive into the night

Oh the smell of the leather always excited my imagination
And I picture myself in this different situation
I'm a company director, two kids and a wife
I get the feeling that there's more to this one's life
There's some kind of complication, he tells her he's alone
Spends the night with his lover, there's a trace of her cologne
And the words of his mistress, as she whispers them so near
Start ringing in my ear

Please take me dancing tonight I've been all on my own
You promised one day we could it's what you said on the phone
I'm just a prisoner of love always hid from the light
Take me dancing, please take me dancing tonight

I imagine his wife, she don't look nothing like a fool
She picks the kids up from some private school
She remembers what he told her, he was late and worked alone
But there's more than a suspicion in this lingering cologne
And the kid's just won't be quiet and she runs a traffic light
And she drives into the night


So here I am in a stolen car at a traffic light
They go from red to green and so I just drive into the night

[Chorus: x3]

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