The Drifters ©Nostalgie

The Drifters

Né(e) le : 30/11/1952

Nom de naissance : The Drifters

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Rock'n roll , Soul , Blues

Rockin' and Driftin'

Rockin' and Driftin'

Rockin' and Driftin'

  1. Moonlight Bay (LP Version)
  2. Ruby Baby (Single/LP Version)
  3. Drip Drop (LP Version)
  4. I Gotta Get Myself A Woman (LP Version)
  5. Fools Fall In Love (Single/LP Version)
  6. Hypnotized (LP Version)
  7. Yodee Yakee (LP Version)
  8. I Know (LP Version)
  9. Soldier Of Fortune (LP Version)
  10. Drifting Away From You (LP Version)
  11. Your Promise To Be Mine (LP Version)
  12. It Was A Tear (LP Version)
  13. Adorable (Single/LP Version)
  14. Steamboat (LP Version)