I Dream - Ester Phillips

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I Dream

  • Mistrustin' Blues

  • Far Away Christmas Blues

  • Double Crossing Blues

  • Ring a Dong Doo

  • Aged and Mellow

  • Love's Lane Boogie

  • Paroles de Misery

  • Other Lips Other Arms

  • Looking for a Man

  • Don't Make a Fool Out of Me

  • I'm a Bad Bad Girl

  • Get Together Blues

  • Paroles de I Don't Care

  • Paroles de I Dream

  • Cupid's Boogie

  • Just Can't Get Free

  • The Deacon Moves In

  • Deceiving Blues

  • Tell Him That I Need Him So

  • Crying and Singing the Blues

  • Turn the Lamps Down Low

  • Lost Dream Blues

  • Saturday Night Daddy

  • Wedding Boogie

  • Love Will Break Your Heart for You

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