Ester Phillips ©Nostalgie

Ester Phillips

Né(e) le : 23/12/1935

Nom de naissance : Esther Mae Jones

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Pop , Soul

Set Me Free

Set Me Free

  1. Mojo Hannah
  2. I Saw Me
  3. Double Crossing Blues
  4. Hello Walls
  5. Some Things You Never Get Used To
  6. Let Me Know When It's Over
  7. Ups and Downs
  8. Catch Me I'm Falling (LP Version)
  9. I'm In Love (lp Version)
  10. Brand New Day (lp Version)
  11. Just Like A Fish (lp Version)
  12. Tomorrow Night (lp Version)
  13. Some Cats Know (lp Version)
  14. Cheater Man (lp Version)
  15. When A Woman Loves A Man (lp Version )
  16. Fever
  17. When Love Comes To The Human Race (lp Version)
  18. Try Me (LP Version)
  19. I'm Sorry (lp Version)
  20. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place (lp Version)
  21. Set Me Free
  22. All God Has Is Us
  23. He Knows
  24. A Woman Will Do No Wrong
  25. Crazy Love