The Genius of Ray Charles - Ray Charles

  • You're My Baby (Lover's Rock Mix)

  • A Sentimental Blues (Tru Mix)

  • Can't You See Darlin' (What You're Doing to Me) (Selfless Mix)

  • Georgia on My Mind (Atlanta Skies Mix)

  • Kissa Me Baby (Lipstick Mix)

  • She's on the Ball (Silver Sliver Mix)

  • Paroles de Some Day (Blues is My Middle Name) (Roger Dodger Mix)

  • Ain't That Fine (Coolside Mix)

  • This Love of Mine (Heartbrake Mix)

  • What I'd Say (Lovegroove Mix)

  • I Got a Woman (Luminous Mix)

  • Tell Me How Do You Feel (T.M.H.D.Y.F. Mix)

  • I'm Movin' On (The Big Blue Mix)

Les derniers albums de Ray Charles