Ray Charles ©Columbia

Ray Charles

Né(e) le : 23/09/1930

Nom de naissance : Ray Charles Robinson

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Rock'n roll , Soul , Blues , Pop

Yes Indeed !

Yes Indeed !

  1. What Would I Do Without You (Single/LP Version)
  2. It's Alright (Single/LP Version)
  3. I Want To Know (LP Version)
  4. Yes Indeed (Single/LP Version)
  5. Get On The Right Track Baby (Single/LP Version)
  6. Talkin' About You (Single/LP Version)
  7. Swanee River Rock (Talkin' 'Bout That River) (Single/LP Version)
  8. Lonely Avenue (Single/LP Version)
  9. Blackjack (Single/LP Version)
  10. The Sun's Gonna Shine Again (LP Version)
  11. I Had A Dream (Single/LP Version)
  12. I Want A Little Girl (Single/LP Version)
  13. Heartbreaker (LP Version)
  14. Leave My Woman Alone (Single/LP Version)