The Story So Far... / ...oh Really?

  1. Chocolate Field
  2. One for You
  3. Portland Bill
  4. Will My Thirst Play Me Tricks/The Ant About to Be Crushed Ponders Not the Where Withal of Boot Leath
  5. Bath 72
  6. Wimbledon Baths
  7. Gog Ma Gog
  8. Betty (You Pays Your Money, You Takes Your Chances)
  9. God Song
  10. Bossa Nochance/Big Jobs
  11. Big Jobs No. 2
  12. God Song
  13. Chocolate Field
  14. One for You
  15. G Song
  16. F Bit
  17. Songs of March
  18. More G Songs
  19. Does This
  20. The Greatest Off-Shore Race in the World
  21. Reprise for Those Who Prefer It Slower
  22. Tubercular Balls
  23. Soprano Derivativo/Apricot Jam
  24. Oh, DO I Like to be Beside the Seaside?
  25. In Memoriam: Meister Eckhart. From The Welfare State Epic of the Same name Starring Randolph Scott
  26. A Fabulous Comedian
  27. Coo-Coo-Ka-Chew