Chet Baker ©Nostalgie

Chet Baker

Né(e) le : 23/12/1929

Nom de naissance : Chesney Henry Baker

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Crooner

In Paris The Complete 1955-1956 Barclay Recordings

  1. Rondette [Master Take]
  2. Mid-Forte [Master Take]
  3. Sad Walk [Master Take]
  4. Re-Search [Master Take]
  5. Just Duo [Master Take]
  6. Piece Caprice [Master Take]
  7. Pomp [Master Take]
  8. Girl from Greenland [Master Take]
  9. Brash [Master Take]
  10. These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) [Master Take]
  11. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) [Master Take]
  12. Autumn in New York [Master Take]
  13. Summertime [Master Take]
  14. You Go to My Head [Master Take]
  15. Tenderly [Master Take]
  16. Chet [Complete Take]
  17. Chet [False Start]
  18. Chet [Complete Take]
  19. Chet [Complete Take]
  20. Chet [Master Take]
  21. Dinah [Complete Take]
  22. Dinah [Complete Take]
  23. Dinah [Master Take]
  24. Vline [Master Take]
  25. In Memory of Dick [Complete Take]
  26. In Memory of Dick [False Start]
  27. In Memory of Dick [Complete Take]
  28. In Memory of Dick [False Start]
  29. In Memory of Dick [False Start]
  30. In Memory of Dick [Complete Take]
  31. Alone Together [Complete Take]
  32. Alone Together [Complete Take]
  33. Alone Together [Master Take]
  34. Exitus [Complete Take]
  35. Exitus [Incomplete Take]
  36. Exitus [Master Take]
  37. Once in a While [False Start]
  38. Once in a While [False Start]
  39. Once in a While [Master Take]
  40. All the Things You Are [Complete Take]
  41. All the Things You Are [Complete Take]
  42. Everything Happens to Me [False Start]
  43. Everything Happens to Me [Complete Take]
  44. Chik-Eta [False Start]
  45. Chik-Eta [Complete Take]
  46. Chik-Eta [False Start]
  47. Chik-Eta [False Start]
  48. Chik-Eta [False Start]
  49. Chik-Eta [Master Take]
  50. How About You? [False Start]
  51. How About You? [False Start]
  52. How About You? [Complete Take]
  53. How About You? [False Start]
  54. How About You? [False Start]
  55. How About You? [False Start]
  56. How About You? [Master Take]
  57. Exitus [Complete Take]
  58. Exitus [Complete Take]
  59. Exitus [Complete Take]
  60. Exitus [Complete Take]
  61. Exitus [Complete Take]
  62. Dear Old Stockholm [Complete Take]
  63. Speak Low [Complete Take]
  64. Anticipated Blues [Incomplete Take]
  65. Anticipated Blues [False Start]
  66. Anticipated Blues [False Start]
  67. Anticipated Blues [False Start]
  68. Anticipated Blues [Complete Take]
  69. Anticipated Blues [False Start]
  70. Anticipated Blues [Complete Take]
  71. Anticipated Blues [Master Take]
  72. Tasty Pudding [Incomplete Take]
  73. Tasty Pudding [Incomplete Take]
  74. Cheryl [Incomplete Take]
  75. Cheryl [Incomplete Take]
  76. Cheryl [False Start]
  77. Cheryl [False Start]
  78. Cheryl [Incomplete Take]
  79. Cheryl [False Start]
  80. Cheryl [False Start]
  81. Cheryl [Complete Take]
  82. Tasty Pudding [Incomplete Take]
  83. Tasty Pudding [Complete Take]
  84. Tasty Pudding [Incomplete Take]
  85. Tasty Pudding [Master Take]
  86. Mythe [Master Take]
  87. Not Too Slow [Master Take]
  88. In a Little Provincial Town [Master Take]
  89. Vline [Master Take]