Ennio Morricone ©Getty images

Ennio Morricone

Né(e) le : 10/11/1928

Nom de naissance : Ennio Morricone

Pays de naissance : Italie

Genre musical : Musique de film

Listen, Let's Make Love [B.O.F.]

  1. Excuse Me, Let's Make Love - Main Theme
  2. Dog Up A Tree
  3. Between The Sheets
  4. After The Ball
  5. Two Cigarettes
  6. Take Me Now
  7. From Bed To Worse
  8. Knowing The 'Ins' And 'Outs'
  9. Passion Play
  10. Various Troubles
  11. To The Alter And Back
  12. To Lynda
  13. The Big One
  14. Lay Down, I Think I Love You
  15. Reprise: Excuse Me, Let's Make Love