John Barry ©Intrada

John Barry

Né(e) le : 03/11/1933

Nom de naissance : John Barry

Signe : Scorpion

Pays de naissance : Royaume-Uni

Genre musical : Musique de film , Pop rock

Boom [B.O.F.]

Boom [B.O.F.]

Boom [B.O.F.]

  1. Boom!
  2. Urgentissimo - Like Everything This Summer
  3. Of A Year Unknown
  4. Pain Gone Until Tomorrow
  5. Have I Changed Very Much Since You Last Saw Me?
  6. You've Got More Things Going For You Than Teeth Baby
  7. Mister Death Angel Flanders
  8. Through Cavens Measureless To Man
  9. Capito
  10. Which Way To The Sun
  11. A Mobile Called "Boom"
  12. The Shock Of Each Moment Of Still Being Alive
  13. Hideaway