John Barry ©Intrada

John Barry

Né(e) le : 03/11/1933

Nom de naissance : John Barry

Signe : Scorpion

Pays de naissance : Royaume-Uni

Genre musical : Musique de film , Pop rock

Octopussy [B.O.F.]

Octopussy [B.O.F.]

Octopussy [B.O.F.]

  1. All time high - main title (sung by rita coolidge)
  2. Bond look-alike
  3. 009 gets the knife gobinda attacks
  4. That`s my little octopussy
  5. Arrival at the island of octopussy
  6. Bond at the monsoon palace
  7. Bond meets octopussy
  8. Yo-yo fight death of vijay
  9. The chase bomb theme
  10. The palace fight - end title
  11. All time high (sung by rita coolidge)