Passion Flower Hotel - John Barry

  • School Song (The Company)

  • A Little Hammer (Girls Ad Boys)

  • What A Question (Colin And Ellis)

  • What Does The Country Need Today (Sir Reginald And Lady Callender, Headmistress, Headmaster, Head Girl And Head Boy)

  • The Syndicate (Girls And Boys)

  • Naughty, Naughty (Girls)

  • How Much Of The Dream Comes True? (Melissa)

  • Tick Which Applies (Girls And Boys)

  • Passion Flower Hotel (Girls)

  • A Great Big Nothing (Melissa And Girls)

  • I Love My Love (Colin)

  • Beastly, Beastly (Jennifer & Mimms)

  • Something Different (Colin And Sarah)

  • Don't Stop The Show (Girls And Boys)

  • School Song (Reprise) (The Company)

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