John Barry ©Intrada

John Barry

Né(e) le : 03/11/1933

Nom de naissance : John Barry

Signe : Scorpion

Pays de naissance : Royaume-Uni

Genre musical : Musique de film , Pop rock

The Wrong Box [B.O.F.]

The Wrong Box [B.O.F.]

The Wrong Box [B.O.F.]

  1. Main Title
  2. Montage Of Deaths
  3. Yes, Who Is That?
  4. Strangler
  5. Responsible For Bringing Us Together
  6. God Save Us / Pedantic, Boring, Old
  7. Morris Visits Dr. Pratt
  8. Morris Hides As He Sees Handcart
  9. Tontine Box Is Put On Hearse
  10. A Bird In A Gilded Cage
  11. Michael and Julia On Hearse
  12. Hackett Funeral And Fight
  13. Bournemouth Strangler