John Barry ©Intrada

John Barry

Né(e) le : 03/11/1933

Nom de naissance : John Barry

Signe : Scorpion

Pays de naissance : Royaume-Uni

Genre musical : Musique de film , Pop rock

The Specialist [B.O.F.]

The Specialist [B.O.F.]

The Specialist [B.O.F.]

  1. Main Title
  2. Bogota 1984
  3. The Specialist In Miami
  4. May And Ray At The Cemetery
  5. May Dances With Tomas-"Did You Call Me"
  6. Ray Covers May-"Did You Call Me"
  7. After Tomas
  8. The First Bomb-Ray's Place
  9. Explosive Trent
  10. The Parking Lot Bomb
  11. Don't Touch Me Ned-Bomb For Tomas
  12. The Death Of Tomas
  13. May's Room-"Did You Call Me"
  14. Ray Meets May At Her Funeral
  15. Let's See That Beautiful Face-"Did You Call Me"
  16. Closing In On Ray
  17. There Goes The Hotel Room-The Fight
  18. May Meets Joe-I'm Not A Woman You Can Trust
  19. You Go In And Get Him-"Did You Call Me"
  20. The Whole Place Is Wired-She's Hot Ray
  21. Get To Hell Out Of Here
  22. You Bastard-How Do You Feel?-Better!-"Did You Call Me" End Title